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All About J's Auto Cleaning Service, Inc.

Our Background

My father started J's before I was even born. He would clean cars outside of his & my Mom's condo. He has loved cars for as long as I can remember & has always worked hard for his family. With only $500 in his pocket, a lot of hard work, determination & pure dedication, he was able to turn J's into the business it is today. The place that holds so many memories  for me & will hopefully be the same for my 3 kids.  It has always been a place my brothers & I could work . A place that as kids we would empty the vacuum in hopes of finding a quarter. It is the place that our parents would take us to watch the fireworks when the Jubilee was in town. The place where my Dad's customers became our family. 

Now it is a place that I am so very honored & proud to be the owner of with my husband. We are looking forward to the future at J's. I hope that we can continue this venture for another 35+ years! I am so thankful that my Dad has trusted me to carry on something that he worked so hard to establish!

When you come in be sure to check out the framed newspaper article of my amazing Dad, Mike and enjoy our family business!  We look forward to serving all of your detailing & window tinting needs.

Oh , and with a little luck , you just may catch him there! 

                                           -  Melissa S.

Meet Our Family

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