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Ceramic Coating

Why Ceramic Coating is important for vehicle maintenance-

Each day your car’s paint comes across several daily contaminants. From acid rain that can etch into your paints clear coat and leave behind water spotting that can only be removed with heavy compounding or polishing, swirl marks that are produced through improper dirt removal and/or washing methods, heavy acid bearing bird droppings and harmful UV rays which over time can cause the dreadful paint fading and oxidation.

If you are looking for more protection and durability than what a Wax or Sealant can provide, Ceramic Coatings offer the best looking and durable protection from those elements. Typical Waxes have durability of 1-2 months, Traditional Sealants have durability of up to 6 months. Ceramic Coatings, with its technology steadily evolving, now have a hardness and durability of 1 year to over 5 years!

In addition to the Protection it also provides a gloss level that cannot be achieved with most waxes and sealants and Hydrophobic properties that will help cleaning maintenance by avoiding daily contaminants from sticking and become embedded into your cars finish. 

Most dealerships charge upward of $2500+ to apply the ceramic coating.  J's also has a special car wash that is used to maintain the ceramic coating. Call J's Auto Cleaning today to get an estimate & protect your vehicle!

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