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Stratos Series

FormulaOne Stratos:

The Newest Window Tint

The next generation of window tint has arrived.

FormulaOne Stratos is engineered for improved comfort and less distracting glare. This newest window tint technology infused with infrared absorbing properties rejects up to 63 percent of solar heat to enhance your driving experience. And it shields your passengers from more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays* while it helps reduce interior fading and cracking due to UV ray exposure.

Proprietary Hybrid-Matrix is the newest window tint technology that utilizes multiple layers made up of billions of nanoscopic particles to create advanced infrared absorbing properties. The innovative layers are designed to trap heat and disperse it outward through your glass providing our maximum level of heat rejection without signal interference. For the car enthusiasts who seek to experience outstanding driving comfort and the luxury of privacy in their cars, the films available in the FormulaOne Stratos Series are for you!


Pinnacle Series

Formula One Pinnacle Ceramic Tint | LLumar

The height of style made for today’s device-dependent lifestyle.

The FormulaOne Pinnacle Series offers you peak performance in an automotive tint. It elevates your vehicle’s window glass, intelligently merging sophisticated looks and features.

Advanced nano-ceramic technology enables the highest possible levels of protection against solar heat, road glare, and UV rays, while supporting signal clarity for electronic devices of all types: keyless entry, satellite radio, on-board navigation, smartphones, and tablets. Durability comes from premium components such as color-stable dyes, powerful adhesives, and a layer of scratch protection. Pinnacle is a remarkably advanced tint designed for life today.... and beyond. 


Comfort Series

FormulaOne Comfort Window Tint

Metalized tint that makes you feel as great as you look.

Who is the cool customer at the wheel of that sleek, uniquely styled vehicle? It’s you, enjoying envious stares and staying completely chilled out, thanks to the heat-blocking technology of our FormulaOne Comfort Series of window tint.

We metallize this tint at two stages of the manufacturing process, so you can give your AC a rest and travel any road in comfort and shade. Whether you decide on a dramatic look that takes your windows a full 95% darker, or a subtle shift to 50% darker, you’ll love the new look of your vehicle. And the looks you get when you’re out and about.  


Classic Series

FormulaOne Classic Window Tint

Add fantastic style that will stand up to the test of time.

FormulaOne Classic Series car window tint give you lots of freedom to express your personal style, plus some nice creature comforts. With options that darken your auto glass from 50-95%, you also get premium-grade optical clarity, scratch resistance, protection from UV rays, heat blocking benefits and eye-friendly glare reduction.

An exclusive offering of LLumar SelectPro dealers, FormulaOne Classic is an uncompromising combination of color-stable window tint technology and precision installation, made to last for as many stylish miles as you care to drive.


Air series

AIR Window Tint Series

This nearly clear film helps keep your vehicle cooler without the dark appearance of traditional tint. When you want to help protect yourself, your passengers and your car interior from harmful UV rays and you want to reduce interior heat, AIR Series window film is for you. Enjoy the benefits of conventional tint without changing the exterior appearance of your vehicle.

What film works best for you?

At J's we offer a lifetime, nationwide, transferable warranty! All of our film installers have 25+ years of experience. For a cooler experience, come to J's!


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